A litter of curly coated retrievers is expected in October 2018:
‘Kapris’ Laguna Love Curly Cleo Capricorn   x   ‘Astra’ Ad Astra Tornado Beta

Expected black and liver puppies with sound temperament and good health.


Our kennel puppies are promising, with sound temperament, working abilities and live all over the world – USA, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Russia  and Lithuania.
“B” litter, whelped on 27 April 2015 from Roughyeds Poseidon x Ad Astra Tornado Beta, 6.5 weeks (photos by H.Warendorf)
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We are Rima and Girėnas Povilionis. Tornado Beta is the first kennel for curly coated retriever in Lithuania. We have 5 curlies: bitches Beta, Dessy, Astra, Sarah and male Toro.

In 2007 we imported the first curly coated retriever to Lithuania. It was a black bitch Beta (Laseland Betty Barclay). In the beginning of 2009 a liver bitch Dessy (Curly Cottage Jezebell) was imported from Sweden and the kennel was formalized. The inspiration for the kennel-name came from the passionate and fiery temperament of our first curly. Tornado Beta is registered at the Federation Cynologique Internationale, FCI No 131/08, owner Girėnas Povilionis.

In 26 July 2013 a special moment happened in the history of Lithuanian cynology – the first litter of curly coated retrievers in Lithuania was delivered by Dessy (sired by Lauradale Total Eclipse from Australia): 3 liver males, 2 liver and 1 black females (more about A litter here). A liver female Aurum Tornado Beta was exported to Sweden, a liver male Ad Lucem Tornado Beta – to Russia, a liver male A Priori Tornado Beta and liver female Aurora Tornado Beta live in Lithuania; the only black female Astra (Ad Astra Tornado Beta) and liver male Toro (Ad Victoriam Tornado Beta) stayed in our kennel.

In 27 April 2015 the second litter ‘B’ was whelped by Astra: 2 black males, 4 black females (sired by ‘Bruiser’ Roughyeds Poseidon, owner Hannie Warendorf, more about B litter here). 2 puppies – male ‘Polo’ (Bright Explorer Tornado Beta) and female ‘Willow’ (Bright Breeze Tornado Beta) exported to USA, male ‘Miles’ (Bright Adventurer Tornado Beta) lives with his father Bruiser in Holland, female ‘Armi’ (Brita Armi Tornado Beta) lives in Finland. A female ‘Brukne’ (Bright Brukne Tornado Beta) lives in Lithuania, a female  Sarah (Bright n’Bold Tornado Beta) stayed in our kennel.

Tornado Beta kennel - FCI registration certificate